Condolences 2023

When you want to express your sincere condolences to any friend or relative, it's always a good idea to write the condolence message down on a paper.

Our words of sympathy are handpicked and already proven for your condolence message.


Find the most amazing list of the 100 best condolence messages, all well written by professionals, these simple condolences will show your sympathy.

There is not a lot of space on such flower or condolence cards, so use one of these 30 short condolence messages for your card to show your respect.

It's very popular to post sympathy quotes on Facebook, so we have curated the best sympathy quotes for you to share on all social media.


It can be very difficult to write a good condolence message because many of us are afraid to write something wrong into the condolence card.

The most important thing is to show that you care about the person, even if you are unsure what to write.

Condolence Quotes from Hans Christian Andersen Sympathy Quote from William Shakespeare

When grieving you don't wanna go shopping, instead use Amazon to get it delivered to your door.

You can also use one of these top 15 best condolences quotes to use on Facebook or print out to show your sympathy in a good & beautiful way.

Light a candle for your beloved ones is part of our really famous functions where you can bring light into a dark moment.

It's free, forever lasting and respected.

What to say at the ceremony?

When attending the ceremony as a visitor or by being a family relative, it is very important to show your sympathy by saying it directly to the family who lost one of their beloved, we have curated a list of proven condolences for a direct approach.

Condolence Quotes from Malcolm Forbes Sympathy Quote from Kenji

Flower Condolence Message

If you're not that close or unable to the ceremony, then flowers can be a solution to show your sympathy.

When sending flowers it's important to include short condolences to show your respect, thoughts, and support to the grieving family.

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