Light a candle

Lightning a candle has many purposes, we want to dedicate our prayers to it, offer blessings, evoke the spirit and illuminating the darkness.

We are having thousands of visitors who are griefing for their loss and that's why we have created this service to light a candle for free to symbolize their respect.

Your candle wish will be available publicly, but your e-mail will always be hidden.

Light the free candle

Candle lightning

Lightning an online candle is a forever lasting warm wish which is a beautiful thought for those you might just have lost or want to wish good health for.

Not everyone are able to visit their local spiritual place for prayers, so this virtual prayer candle is a great way to do it online.

When you light a candle for your loved ones remember to keep it thoughtful.

Online candles for wishes

Our candles will stay online for as long as our website is running. If you want to donate a small amount to keep this service going, feel free to contact us.

Candles are visible reminders of our possible triumph over darkness.