Condolence Messages

Our page on Condolence Messages offers a curated selection of 100 best condolences.

Be sure to check our list of sympathy quotes to help you express your support when posting on social media.


Crafting a heartfelt message can be challenging, but our collection provides inspiration and guidance for creating a message that is sincere, appropriate, and honors the memory of the departed.

Browse our selection to find the right words to convey your sympathy and offer support to those in mourning.

Condolence messages and candle light

A helpful way to cope with grief is to write about the person and craft a respectful condolence message.

That's why we've compiled a list of 100 compassionate condolence messages to inspire and guide you in creating the best message for your loved one.

When writing in such a sensitive situation, it's crucial to choose your words carefully.

Those who are grieving will appreciate being reminded with respect and positivity, and with a proven condolence message.

Condolence Message Sample

We want to help simplify the condolence card process, so you can focus on expressing your sympathy in a thoughtful way.

Condolence cards

Personalizing our sample condolence notes with a condolence quote can be a great way to show your support.

Short Condolence Messages

If you prefer a more brief and short condolence message, please check out our page for examples.

Short messages work well for flower notes or for those who want to keep their condolences concise.

Sympathy Quotes

Condolence quotes are a fantastic way to show your sympathy in any situation.

You can find a unique set of sympathy quotes online on this condolences portal.

Light a Candle

A flower bouquet is beautiful and lasts for a while, but a digital candle lasts forever.

You can light a candle for your loved ones online and keep it as a memorial wherever you are.

Simple Condolence Messages

Gift Ideas for Memorials

Sending flowers for any memorial has always been a well-respected gesture of condolence and sympathy across many religions.

It's a safe way to show respect, and many florists offer high-quality flower packages for all budgets.