Cremation Urns for Human Ashes

You can get cremation urns in many materials and sizes, it's a beautiful way to remember our loved ones who passed away. Urns are a beautiful alternative to the traditional casket that gets buried in the ground. Cremation and the inurnment of ashes are also much a cheaper and more environmentally friendly compared to other options.

There are a lot of urns materials to choose from, some people love biodegradable vessels but especially stone, wood or ceramic er between the top sellers.

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Personal Cremation Jewelries

With a cremation jewelry, you can have your beloved with you all the time. You can find lots of beautiful cremation jewelry designs in sterling silver, gold, glass and beads which match all occasions.

Each memorial ash jewelry comes with a step-by-step guide on how to fill the cremation jewelry. One of the ways could be to remove the screw which allows access to the inner chamber, where you can fill the cremation keepsake. The cremation pendants are usually designed by master jewelers who manage to have openings in the most hidden areas. You can get a custom message engraved.

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Ashes into Space

It sounds expensive and it is for sure, but the idea of getting your beloved ashes into space is a beautiful idea and can be bought from $650. The orbit containing the ashes can be around for up to 240 years.

Firework Memorial

Getting cremation ashes up in the sky with fireworks is getting more and more popular. Professional firework companies are having services to make custom firework with small amounts of ashes.

Coral Reef of Ashes

If your beloved was a big fan of nature, maybe it's a good idea to mix the ashes with some special concrete to design a beautiful coral? Memorialize the life of the departed soul in a forever lasting coral.

Diamond with Ashes

You can also create a truly unique jewelry with a diamond based on your beloved cremation ashes. The process will take minimum 4 months to create the diamond but well worth the life-long jewelry.